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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Tromma™- Anisotropic Planar Multilayer Design Code

design parametersTromma™ is used to design planar absorber structures and radomes consisting of layers of materials of anisotropic constitutive parameters with impedance sheets at the layer interfaces. Both Mu and Epsilon of each layer are allowed to be a tensor. tensor information

The code calculates the Fresnel reflection and transmission coefficients for arbitrary angle of incidence and arbitrary polarization using a general coordinate geometry. It includes an optimizer which is employed mainly to refine parameters such as material thickness near a design point. The code is also used to model shielding effectiveness in the far field and as an aid in the interpretation and prediction of expected coax and waveguide S-parameter measurements of materials.

Tromma™ Coordinate References and Geometry

This sketch defines the geometry, reference directions, and angles that Tromma™ employs to model a four layer structure with three interior impedance sheets; exterior impedance sheets can be added to the model. The structure may be backed by a ground plane or air.

Tromma Coordinates Showing 
Geometry, Anisotropic Layers, Impedance Sheets

For information about DI's Tromma™ software package for multilayer anisotropic planar structures, send us an e-mail message.

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