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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Microwave Lab FacilitiesDI Anechoic Chamber for FreeSpace Measurements & Available for Rent by the Day

The main facilities consist of an Anechoic Chamber,a Vector Network Analyzer, an Impedance Analyzer and a large complement of coax, waveguide, cavity and free space setups. These are used to provide testing services in the measurement of complex permeability and dielectric constant of solid, granular, liquid and other forms of material.

The broad sweep of the testing capability is from about 1 MHz to 50 GHz. Typically, two-port measurements in coax or waveguide are made to characterize materials that are magnetic and dielectric. Such measurements are controlled using Damaskos, Inc.'s "MU-EPSLN™" software package for common analyzers and IBM® compatible or Macintosh® PCs. Other configurations in guided lines may offer advantages that are recognized, say for dielectrics (mu = 1) or for liquids, and these too are supported by "MU-EPSLN™".

Many measurements are made in cavities such as the Circular Cavity shown here. They are supported by the Model 400 Circular Cavity-Ideal for Epsilon/Tandelta of Resins, Z-Component of Laminates, Foams, Powdersappropriate version of DI's "Cavity" instrument control and software package. Such measurements, may be made with a vector or a scalar analyzer of sufficient resolution. "Cavity" is used to measure both dielectric and/or magnetic properties of materials that are of a form suitable to the fixturing, often in a non-invasive manner with essentially no sample preparation


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