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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Software Packages

These consist of "MU-EPSLN™", "Cavity™", "Arch™", "Antenna" and their derivatives. They are available for IBM® compatible and Macintosh® PCs and do the instrument control and data processing of common Agilent and Anritsu vector and scalar analyzer measurements. Currently, DI is converting its software packages for control of Rhode & Schwarz analyzers and will write code for other manufacturers when an analyzer can be made available for a brief time that allows the code to be exercised and tested with the fixtures of interest. A user's guide with information about the code and test sample data that is measured in the pertinent fixtures, is provided on a CD. Users may be notified of significant updates and improvements in the code.

This table describes the primary function of the main Damaskos, Inc. measurement codes:

DI Codes


MU-EPSLN™ Measures S-parameters, Calibrates the Coax or Waveguide Line, Processes Data, Obtains Mu & Epsilon
Cavity™ Measures Resonant Frequency & Q, Calibrates the Cavity or Resonator, Processes Data, Obtains Mu &/or Epsilon
Arch™ Measures Freespace Reflection & Transmission Coefficients, Calibrates the Arch, Processes Data, Obtains Return Loss, Insertion Loss, Mu & Epsilon
Antenna Measures Directive Gain/Pattern, Gain, Match & Cross Pol

Current DI Software Versions (DataBit3)

If your DI software is older than shown here, and would like to know about more recent versions. please reference Software DataBit3, in a message, with the name, date and version number of your DI software package; we will respond with information about the new upgrades.

Software Package Name Current Version Number & Platform
Microsoft Windows Macintosh
Antenna 2.0 for 95 & 98 5.07 for OS X
Arch™ 3.1 for 95, 98, 2000 & XP ---
Cavity™ 9.3 for 98, 2000 & XP 10.01 for OS X
Courtney Cavity 1.0 for 2000 & XP 8.61 for OS 8 & 9
MU-EPSLN™ & Derivatives 3.1 for 98, 2000 & XP 3.01 for OS X
Tromma™ 3.4 for 98, 2000 & XP 4.14 for OS 8 & 9

For information about DI's family of software packages, send us an e-mail or inquire via fax (610) 558-1019 or phone (610) 358-0200. Please reference this Current Version Number DataBit3 and tell us about your existing DI software or your requirement for software.

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