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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Anechoic Chamber

Damaskos, Inc. offers an Anechoic Chamber in which antennas are measured and Radar Cross Section Measurements are made. This facility is used to develop the freespace and antenna measurement systems that DI DI Chamber for Freespace, Antenna & RCS Measurementssells. It is also available for rent by the day with the support of DI's equipment and DI's Senior Microwave Measurements Specialist. In addition to DI's HP8510 network analyzer and RF sources and receiving equipment, there are dual polarized horns (0.5 to 18 GHz), standard gain microwave antennas (S-band to Q-band), a single-axis and dual-axis (Az/El) positioner, fixturing for radome and large panel reflection and transmission measurements, RCS calibration targets, and the like. Measurements in the chamber are made with DI supplied processor/interfaces and with DI's commercially offered software packages--"Antenna", "RCSImage", "Scan", "Arch™".

Design Services1-Port Pyramidal RAM Tester for up to 12 foot long Pyramids

Damaskos, Inc. can provide complete or partial systems including network analyzer, instrument controller, interfaces, and software and fixturing for materials measurements, for antenna and RCS measurements and for special purposes. Services of this kind are illustrated by the 60 foot long square coaxial line shown here and can include installation and training on-site or at DI's facility.

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