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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Recent Developments

Periodically, new bits of data, improved and new DI software and fixture capabilities are reported here.

DI Model M035 Liquid/Powder Cell (DataBit5)

3.5mm Cell for Liquids & Powders to 26 GHz.

To request our release about the Model M035T 3.5mm cell, click here and write your e-mail address in the message space. Let us know about the powders and liquids you wish to measure. The cell operates up to 26 GHz and is used to obtain complex mu and complex epsilon under the instrument control of DI's "MU-EPSLN™" software package.

Software for R & S Analyzers (DataBit6)

Damaskos, Inc. has extended its "Cavity™" software package, which supports Anritsu and Agilent analyzers, to include control of the Rohde & Schwarz ZVC and ZVK network analyzers. Other DI packages are also being extend for R & S support. The following table shows the measurement of a low loss dielectric which was made in a DI Model 600T Open Resonator/"Cavity™" software setup with the R & S model ZVK analyzer.

Dielectric Constant-DI Model 600T Open Resonator, DI "Cavity™" Software, Rhode  & Schwarz ZVK Analyzer

F-GHz Epsilon tandelta
19.2 2.032 0.00030
21.6 2.032 0.00053
24.0 2.032 0.00043
26.5 2.032 0.00034
28.9 2.032 0.00044
31.3 2.031 0.00040
33.7 2.032 0.00037
36.2 2.031 0.00039
38.6 2.030 0.00035

For information request DataBit6; My R&S Analyzer is: In the message space, tell us which R & S analyzer you have and about your requirements.

DI Thin Sheet Testers and Open Resonators Measure Paint Properties (DataBit2)

This table shows the results of measuring epsilon and loss tangent of a coating of paint which is applied to a substrate for support. Both bare substrate and painted substrate are measured and the paint are then extracted via DI's "Cavity" software package. The measurement were made in a Model 03 Thin Sheet Tester and in a Model 900T Open Resonator. This technique is a new feature of DI's thin sheet testers and open resonators.

Paint Measurements in DI Thin Sheet Testers
Model 03 Thin Sheet Tester Model 900T Open Resonator
5-10 GHz Model 03 10-16 GHz Model 900T
Epsilon tandelta Epsilon tandelta
Substrate 3.028 0.0048 3.081 0.0053
Sub/Paint 3.586 0.0134 3.595 0.0134
Paint 4.122 0.0194 4.158 0.0194

For information about DI's family of thin sheet testers & open resonators, request Paint Measurement DataBit2.

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