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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Guided Lines
Both coax and waveguide one and two-port setups are available along with supporting software, accessories and components. These lines are provided with a test sample that fits the sample holder and which is measured at DI prior to shipment using DI's "MU-EPSLN™" instrument control and data processing software. The setups are usually packaged in a durable carrying case in which they may be stored when not in use.

Liquid Cell Models 1500T & M14T with Stand & Funnel

Coaxial Lines
DI circular coaxial lines are available in standard diameters of 7mm, 14mm, 1.0", 1.5" and 3.0". For the most part, the operating band extends from "dc" to a maximum recommended frequency. Loss of TEM mode may occur earlier than the recommended frequency, depending largely upon the index of refraction of the material under test. Applications of DI coaxial lines, include liquid cells, powder cells, ferrite testers. Solid materials may be measured in clamshell holders which facilitate loading and can enhance contact to well-machined samples.

The standard sizes of DI square coaxial lines are 3.0", 6.0", 10" and 40". The lines may be 50 or 60 ohm impedance. The 60 ohm impedance allows complete images in the walls of the conductors to be formed, which is of interest in the measurement of periodic structures. The lines feature quick connections by means of latches and split sample holders. These setups are commonly employed in the measurement of honeycomb, loaded and lossy materials, and ferrite tiles.

Waveguide Lines
Waveguide setups and components for standard sizes from L to W-band are available. They may be furnished with spit sample holders which allow solids to be loaded with good conductor contact. In addition to solids, DI waveguide setups are used to measure honeycomb materials and can be configured as liquid cells. DI also offers Universal Waveguide Platforms, each of which fits several standard bands, which allow calibration and component connections to be made with minimum cable flexure. Both High Temperature and Room Temperature waveguide holders and universal platforms are available. For more information, ask about DataBit4 in an e-mail message; tell us about your needs. 2-Port RoomTemp Waveguide Setup Supported by DI Universal Platform Universal HiTemp™ Platform with 2-Port Waveguide Setup

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