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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Free Space Setups

These products essentially measure transmitted and scattered energy employing antennas (purchased or made by DI) and an analyzer (furnished by the user or DI). The applications include characterization of absorbers, radomes, sheets and panels of materials, and measurement of the radiation patterns of antennas and the radar cross section of objects. DI provides such setups turnkey - supported by DI's software, motorized optionally, and customized about the user's needs. DI also offers training and installation of these and the company's materials measurement setups.

Thumbnail sketches follow:

DI Free Space Setups & Components


DI Software
DI Inverted Arch Accurate Phase Reference, Fast Testing - Absorbers, Flat Panel Assemblies, Reflection & Transmission Modes "Arch™"
Large Panel Tester Vertical Support Frame & Rotator "Arch™"
Antenna Positioners 1-Axis and 2-Axis AZ/EL Positioners "Antenna"
Antenna Pattern Recorders Complete Light Duty 1 & 2-Axis Systems "Antenna"
Spherical Scanner Complete Near Field Antenna Pattern Measuring System "Antenna"
Planar Scanner Vertical Field Probe Scanner System "Scan"
Large Panel Tester Vertical Support Frame & Rotator "Arch™"

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