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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Damaskos, Inc. has a large array of cavities which are used as an alternative to guided line and freespace methodsModels 03, 125HC & 08 Testers for Substrate & Thin Film Dielectrics of measuring complex dielectric constant (epsilon) and complex permeability (mu). The general classification of these cavities is; Harmonic Stripline, Circular, and Thin Sheet Tester. Standard sizes span different portions of the spectrum from about a few hundred MHz to about 10 GHz. Typically, the operating bandwidth of a DI cavity ranges from two octaves to a decade and more. The function of many of these cavities is to measure low loss epsilon as a combination of the real part of this parameter and loss tangent-often written Dk, Df. Some cavities measure both magnetic and dielectric properties. DI cavities are supported by DI's "Cavity" software package which performs instrument control of common Agilent and Anritsu vector or scalar analyzers and data processing on IBM® compatible or Macintosh® PCs.


Two types of DI resonators are available; Courtney and Open Resonators. The Courtney resonators are capable of measuring low loss dielectric materials such as polymers and ceramics with epsilon values of about 2 to 200. Courtney resonator measurements are made primarily in the TE01 mode at a single frequency dictated by epsilon Model 300C Courtney Resonator primarily for high Epsilon Ceramics from about 1 to 30 GHzand the size of the cylindrical sample from as low as about 1 GHz and up to about 30 GHz. DI Courtney cavities are supported by a suitable version of "Cavity" software.

The three standard DI mm-Wave open resonators are used to measure dielectric materials starting from about 8 GHz up to about 100 GHz, depending upon model. They measure the in-plane component of epsilon and tandelta of solid and thin materials in a non-contacting, easy to prepare, manner. DI's open resonators complement DI's thin sheet testers and DI's circular cavities which are available in models that operate beginning at a few hundred MHz and into the microwave band. A suitable version of "Cavity" software is used with DI's open resonators.

DI mm-Wave Fixtures w/Anritsu 65 GHz VNA
mm-Wave Measurements: Damaskos, Inc. Setups with Anritsu 37300 VNA
Fused Silica - Model 600T Open Resonator Resin - Model 200 Circular Cavity
F-GHz Epsilon tandelta F-GHz Epsilon Tandelta
      3.4 2.154 0.0005
      8.6 2.166 0.0006
30.1 3.833 0.0003 12.9 2.164 0.0007
33.2 3.834 0.0002 18.0 2.167 0.0007
36.4 3.833 0.0004 22.8 2.162 0.0008
39.5 3.834 0.0004 27.2 2.165 0.0008
42.6 3.835 0.0005 32.5 2.164 0.0009
45.8 3.836 0.0004 36.8 2.162 0.0008
48.8 3.838 0.0004 41.9 2.165 0.0011
52.0 3.841 0.0004 46.6 2.161 0.0015
55.2 3.845 0.0005 51.2 2.162 0.0012
58.3 3.849 0.0005 56.4 2.161 0.0011
61.5 3.858 0.0003 60.6 2.163 0.0016

DI cavities and resonators offer mm-Wave solutions thru W-band. The Model 600T Open Resonator shown here has been paired with Anritsu VNA for epsilon and tandelta measurements through 80 GHz.

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