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DI 2-Axis Positioner

Damaskos, Inc. is a provider of materials measurement services and products with 24 years of experience in the general field of electromagnetics. The company acquired a base of knowledge and practical implementation of measurement technology in order to provide the material parameters to do absorber, planar radome and RCS detail design. That foundation supports DI's services and products.

Features: Standard Fixture Sizes, Calibration Standards, Software for Common Analyzers, Complete Systems,
Ancillary Components- Cables, Interfaces, Processors

DI would like to understand your requirements in order to offer the best recommendations from among the techniques and setups that DI employs. Your assistance to this end is appreciated. DI's solutions can be turnkey, or built around analyzers and components that you have or plan to acquire. DI supports common vector and scalar analyzers, and offers accessories to complement DI setups and training, on-site or at DI. Please consider the product overview that follows and contact DI regarding your measurement problems.
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Dielectrics Circular Coax Thin Dielectric Sheet Anritsu Microwave Arches Square Coaxial Lines
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Agilent mm-Wave Arches Antenna Positioners
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Liquids, Powders, Wet Soils, Foods, Paint

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Model 100  Harmonic Stripline Cavity Designed Primarily for Permeability (mu) of Thin Magnetic Films & Ferrites DI Inverted Arch Ideal for Sheet Materials, Radome Panels, Absorbers mm-Wave Open Resonators for Thin Lowloss Dielectrics Model 100 10"x10" Square Coax in a 1-Port Configuration to Evaluate Material Properties & Return Loss
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